Louis M Laurino, Esq., Laurino, Laurino & Sconzo

Supreme Judicial has brought tremendous quality of service to our organization's Process Serving requirements. From their organized approach to managing our Process Serving requirements to their ability to automatically notify us of progress of all our orders - they are absolutely the best at Client Services in the industry. In the past, time and time again we were frustrated with with our previous Process Server's inability to intelligently track and update us on order status. We would have to constantly call them to find out where a particular order was in the process. With Supreme Judicial their seasoned staff will not only monitor progress on a daily basis but also provide automated email notifications on exact location of the papers we need served. We can rely on this system they've created and not have to keep calling to check status of order. They also proactively come to us with options in scenarios where there is difficulty serving a particularly person. Beginning with their owner, Jeff Wittenberg, their people are what make them the best. Intelligent and genuinely nice people who have our best interests in mind.

Ira S. Slavit, Esq., Levine & Slavit, PLLC

We highly recommend Supreme Judicial Services for the superior quality of their work as well as for their excellent customer service. Their process serving is prompt and dependable. We are easily able to keep track of the status of the papers we have asked them to serve because they timely and consistently communicate with our office, whether it is to advise us that they have received the papers to be served, that they have made service, or to ask questions to be sure that service is made in accordance with our preferences. It is a pleasure to work with such a professionally run company.

Richard E. Klebanoff, Esq.

As an appendage to my law office, Supreme Judicial's presence is critical and necessary to the successful functioning of my office. I have never been as satisfied with any other service, or found one to be so caring and considerate to my litigation needs! Supreme Judicial is fast, reliable, responsible, professional & most importantly, very intelligent. They always go the extra distance when necessary with honesty, integrity & fairness.
I recommend Supreme Judicial without hesitation or reservation. We couldn't do litigation work without overwhelming stress without this peace of mind. Thank You Jeffery Wittenberg & Supreme Judicial for all you do to contribute to our success!

Mark Diamond, Diamond and Diamond

My regular process servers kept giving me excuses about why service was so tough or why it was taking so long. I used Supreme Judicial just to try them out and I've been using them ever since. The job gets done without problems. Their service is incomparable. Their office staff is always friendly and helpful, and the owner knows his business. I recommend Supreme Judicial not just for everyday service, because its fast and seemeless, but for difficult and unusual service, because they know how to accomplish it with the least hassle to you.

Melvin J. Estrin, Estrin, Benn & Lane, LLC

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for many years od both loyal and excellent service. In over 25 years of working with you I have not had a single issue with the work that you have provided my business with. You have always been prompt, efficient and I have never had cause to complain regarding the services you have provided my office.Your prices have always been reasonable and comparable to other similar companies. You are and have been extremely prompt and organized when it comes to getting my legal papers, no matter the party, served both quickly and efficiently. I can always count on Supreme to get all my legal work served out both promptly and professionally. I would, without hesitation, recommend Supreme Judicial Services.